Confessions of Creating My First Pre-Recorded Conference Talk

Recording your first pre-recorded talk feels just as intimidating as standing in front of the mic for the first time

Tackling Tech Impostor Syndrome

Reflections on Our First Mob Code Review

Experiences Combining BDD Behavioural Specifications with UI e2e Testing

Music can inspire us with how we build software

Identifying Sprint Review Anti-patterns

Gamification of Scrum Learning Using Scrum Delegation Poker

Reflections on the Pitfalls of Story Points and Velocity Capture

Exploring Reluctance in Automation of Manual Development Practices

In the digital age, all teams must embrace automation to eliminate waste

Diagnosing and Addressing Remote Working Connectivity Issues

Where is Our WFH Workspace Empathy?

Carly Richmond

Lead software engineer with a strong interest in UI, UX, Usability and Agility. Lover of cooking, tea, photography and gin! All views expressed are my own.

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