Beyond the Great Divide

Encouraging Developers to Cross Platform Divides

The comfort zone is comfortable for a reason. Feeling content, engaged and productive is a thrilling experience. If we’ve ignited passion in our programmers, you’ll see their fingers dance eagerly across the keys. Developers become complacent with not only particular technologies, but specific platform components.

We have encouraged programmers to exhibit laser precision over the components to which they always contribute

Bridges Crossing Rivers

As I eluded to before, engineers are building knowledge of only a part of the system. This is partially a symptom of the myriad of microservices that we have constructed over the past few years. Our architecture has made it easier to decouple services and create new features. Nevertheless, delivery pressures result in our engineers persistently touching the same services. Reasoning about the performance of the entire plant becomes impossible.

It’s vital that we encourage engineers to cross component bridges and develop knowledge of the entire system

Another Spin

Through the grapevine whispers that other organisations are better at utilising enforced rotations echo. Reflecting on a talk I attended back in March reminded me of one particular example.

Leads need to be proactive in rotating engineers across projects, technologies and teams

The Tender Trap

We should be growing our workforce to allow them to become adaptable. Building their transferable skills will prevent technologists being trapped in a particular domain. Seeking single technology skilled developers will also prevent them building expertise across all systems that we build and support.

It’s more important to employ curious engineers that can investigate technologies and system components than be the best coder in technology X

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