Mix It Up

Experiences Combining BDD Behavioural Specifications with UI e2e Testing

Music can inspire us with how we build software
I’m not a massive Dua Lipa fan, but I do find this track rather catchy. Do listen if you can!

My Name Is

Let’s get to know these terms a little better

Behaviour Driven Development

End to End Testing

e2e Testing is focused on testing the product from the user perspective

Put Yourself In My Shoes


Good Example

I’ve found structuring the folders in a file type rather than component structure scales better for larger applications

American English

The feature file allows you to use the examples elicited
via user collaboration as the scenarios to test against

Step by Step

The steps file are the main glue outlining the system
actions corresponding to each scenario step

You Find Me

The po file is a Protractor specific construct as it uses the
Page Object pattern to separate DOM-based logic from the testing framework


Let music inspire your technical choices

Lead software engineer with a strong interest in UI, UX, Usability and Agility. Lover of cooking, tea, photography and gin! All views expressed are my own.

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